Submitting an OPA MicroFIT Application

Submitting a MicroFIT Application

  • Applicants must register on the OPA website and create your “My microFIT home page”
  • Submit general application information:
    • Applicant legal name
    • Name of microFIT project
    • Applicant primary contact information
    • Type of applicant, e.g., homeowner, commercial, institutional
    • GST registration number
  • Project specific information
    • Whether the project has an existing OPA contract
    • Name of distribution company serving the microFIT project
    • Address of the proposed microFIT project
    • Type of renewable energy system
    • Capacity of project
    • Date to submit a connection request to the distribution company
    • If the applicant will receive additional grants or funding for the project
    • A description of the project (name of manufacturers, installers, etc)
  • If the application passes the OPA’s requirements, a conditional offer will be sent
  • Offer will expire in 12 months from date of issue

MicroFIT Offer will become final if:

  • You obey the microFIT rules
  • Your project is connected to the distribution system
  • Project has the proper amount of domestic content
  • You accept the offer