Submitting an OPA FIT Application

OPA FIT Application Requirements

  • You must first register for the FIT program online
  • To participate in FIT, you have to fill out an online application and then submit a application package to the OPA by mail (within five business days)
  • Application package must include:
    • One paper copy of your application form and of all supporting documents
    • One searchable electronic version provided on a DVD or CD
    • Application fee
    • Application security (if necessary)
    • Authorization letter
    • Evidence of site access rights
    • Evidence documenting the aboriginal participation level (if necessary)
    • Evidence documenting the community participation level (if necessary)
    • Evidence that agricultural land restrictions have been met ( if project is a ground mounted solar PV system greater then 100 KW)
      • For each paper submitted the OPA asks you submit one original copy marked “Original” and one extra copy
      • You must also put the reference letter given to you by the OPA on the application envelope, CD or DVD and on all papers submitted

Connection Availability Assessment

  • Part of the application review procedure is to decide whether there is enough transmission and distribution capacity from the proposed site
  • There are five available tools to determine connection availability
    • Transmission Availability Test- This will be done by the OPA and will determine if there is enough transmission capacity available to connect your project
    • Distribution Availability Test- This will be performed by your local distribution company and will decide if there is connection availability in the distribution system to connect your project
    • Economic Connection Test- Determines whether the cost of grid upgrades to allow your project to connect are justifiable
    • FIT production Line- If your project passes the above tests it will wait in the production line until the OPA is certain the necessary grid upgrades will be ready by the milestone date
    • Fit Reserve- If it does not pass the connection test, it will sit in the reserve until the necessary changes become feasible
  • If the OPA accepts your application and connection resources have been assigned to your project, an offer will be sent
  • You will have 10 business days to accept


opa fit

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