MicroFIT Program

  • For the homeowner/farmer/small business owner
  • Micro renewable projects that are 10 KW or less
  • Micro FIT program is a stream of the OPA’s Feed-in-Tariff for renewable energy
  • 20 year fixed contract

Different Participation Opportunities

  • Own your own project
    • Includes hiring installers, purchasing equipment, obtain project financing and insurance, obtaining all approvals (contact local municipality to see if a permit is required), planning for an electrical safety inspection, working with the distribution company to connect project to the grid and getting a microFIT contract
  • Lease your property to a renewable energy developer
  • Lease equipment for your project
  • Develop a project with others in your community

Choosing a Qualified Installer

Qualified installer should have the following:
  • Have experience installing grid-connecting energy projects
  • Have proper licensing and certifications
  • Have general liability insurance

* For a list of questions to ask your installer visit the Ontario Power Authority website

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Project must be located in Ontario and be a renewable energy project
  • Project must be connected to a distribution system
  • Project must have a capacity of 10 KW or less
  • Project must have metering that is suitable for data collection and payment calculation
  • All projects require a separate meter
  • Participant must be a qualified participant (pass OPA eligibility)
  • Domestic content requirements are only needed for Solar PV Projects
    • 40% for Solar PV projects that are operating on or before December 31, 2010
    • 60% for Solar PV projects that are operating on or after January 1, 2011

Steps for obtaining a contract

Step 1: Submitting an application

  • Register to obtain a “My microFIT home page", create and submit an application, receive conditional offer

Step 2: Getting connected

  • Discuss connection options with distributors, submit a connection request form, install project, obtain electrical safety inspection, finalize connection and metering with Distribution Company

Step 3: Accepting your contract

  • OPA send you a microFIT contract offer
  • Choose to accept the contract
  • This is all done through your “microFIT homepage”