Ontario Power Authority Feed-in Tariff Program

OPA Feed-in Tariff Program

  • FIT was enabled by the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009
  • The OPA (Ontario Power Authority is in charge of implementing the project
  • North America's first guaranteed pricing structure for renewable electricity production
  • For projects that can generate more then more than 10 kilowatts of electricity
  • Prices are designed to cover project costs and provide a sensible rate of return on investments over the term of the contract.

Submitting an OPA MicroFIT Application

Submitting a MicroFIT Application

  • Applicants must register on the OPA website and create your “My microFIT home page”
  • Submit general application information:
    • Applicant legal name
    • Name of microFIT project
    • Applicant primary contact information
    • Type of applicant, e.g., homeowner, commercial, institutional
    • GST registration number
  • Project specific information

MicroFIT Program

  • For the homeowner/farmer/small business owner
  • Micro renewable projects that are 10 KW or less
  • Micro FIT program is a stream of the OPA’s Feed-in-Tariff for renewable energy
  • 20 year fixed contract

Different Participation Opportunities

  • Own your own project

Submitting an OPA FIT Application

OPA FIT Application Requirements

  • You must first register for the FIT program online
  • To participate in FIT, you have to fill out an online application and then submit a application package to the OPA by mail (within five business days)
  • Application package must include:
    • One paper copy of your application form and of all supporting documents
    • One searchable electronic version provided on a DVD or CD
    • Application fee

Incentive Programs

The Ontario government currently offers Ontario residents some of the most generous incentives in the world to promote the installation of renewable energy systems such as wind and solar power.