Solar Energy: Sustainability for the Future

Converting the natural and renewable energy of the sun into usable electricity will advance the sustainability of Canada’s energy production and will provide numerous environmental and societal benefits to Canadian consumers. Renewable energy technologies such as solar photovoltaic energy will play an important role in creating a sustainable electricity system while reducing the harmful effects that our current electricity production has on our natural environment. Solar energy has the ability to transform the way Canadians produce our electricity needs without compromising the well being of the natural environment and all that inhabit our earth. There are many benefits of solar energy that will make the decision to turn to green energy much easier.

If you are concerned about the current conventional forms of electricity production such as nuclear, coal or gas-fired power generation and want to make the change to a green source of energy, solar power is the right choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. 

One of the most significant benefits of making the switch to solar energy is that you are making the choice to become an ecologically friendly consumer of electricity. Solar energy does not emit harmful greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change, does not rely on non-renewable carbon-based fuel or produce harmful radioactive waste, as does nuclear power. Solar energy depends on the natural energy produced by the sun to generate electricity. The energy produced by the sun is renewable, abundant, widely available and capable of supplying all of your energy needs.

Another benefit of solar energy is that an installed solar system is a stand-alone system, which generates electricity directly at the site where the energy is being used. Unlike conventional energy sources, solar energy systems contribute to a more distributed energy system. It helps to alleviate the need for costly transmission system improvements and the building of new transmission/distribution lines to get the power to your home/energy project site.