Cleaner World Energy

In 2010, Cleaner World Energy entered into the renewable energy industry; wanting to make a difference in the world. We specialize in the application, installation and maintenance process of owning a renewable energy system. Our team of licensed electricians, knowledgeable sales staff and management team are dedicated in bringing a clean, green, sustainable energy that will benefit both the owner and the world.

Ontario Benefits

Cleaner World Energy works with the Ontario Power Authority to give you a valuable return on your investment. Once connected to the grid, you will sell energy to the Ontario Power Authority based on a 20-year contract. Each month you will receive a monthly payment based on an hourly kilowatt rate. After the 20-year contract, the owner will still own all the rights to the system and the electricity that it makes. This means that even after the 20-year contract is finished, you will benefit from continued electricity generation and possibly a new contractual agreement.

Making a Difference!

Cleaner World Energy was founded so that we could all do our part and make a difference for future generations. The Ontario Power Authority is leading the largest renewable energy initiative in North America and we want you to benefit from it. With our expertise and this great opportunity you can receive an outstanding return on investment, we hope that you make the clean choice. Choose Cleaner World Energy today and help change the world, while earning an income.