Solar PV MicroFIT Installations

House with Solar Panels

Cleaner World Energy wants the world to run on renewable energy. Delivering a clean alternative to fossil fuels is the 1st step towards sustaining our planet for future generations.

Our knowledge and understanding of the processes involved in owning, installing and maintaining MicroFIT Systems, is helping us become a leader in the industry. We provide outstanding value, service and products to our customers and we’re proud that our business is making a difference in the world.

We can make a difference and limit our carbon footprint by providing you the opportunity to own a MicroFIT system. Making the right choice for the future starts with Cleaner World Energy.

Ontario Power Authority MicroFIT Program

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Recent Articles

Renewable Energy: World Industry Facts

  • Renewable energy supplies 19% of the world’s final energy consumption.
  • Between the years 2004-2009, the capacity to produce renewable energy grew at rates anywhere between 10-60% for various technologies
  • By the year 2009, the number of countries that introduced policies to promote renewable energy grew to 85, up from 45 in 2005

Climate Change and Pollution

Why the Need for Renewable Energy?

  • The principal concern regarding climate change is the build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • In Canada, over 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are directly linked with the production and consumption of fossil fuels for energy

Solar Energy: Sustainability for the Future

Converting the natural and renewable energy of the sun into usable electricity will advance the sustainability of Canada’s energy production and will provide numerous environmental and societal benefits to Canadian consumers. Renewable energy technologies such as solar photovoltaic energy will play an important role in creating a sustainable electricity system while reducing the harmful effects that our current electricity production has on our natural environment.